Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Banana Relay 2012

Date: 17 June 2012, Sunday
Time: 8am to 11am
Venue: Woodlands Waterfront, Admiralty Road West
Registration Cost: SGD $22 per person

Team Format
As part of our aim to promote friendship, you will be randomly assigned to a team of 3. It' a fantastic opportunity to make new friends.

Finisher Souvenir
Every participant will receive a Medal upon the conclusion of the event.

Food Reception
A feast for all participants after a tough Banana Relay.

Banana Relay 2012 T-Shirts (Optional)
Event T-Shirts are available for purchase at SGD $15 each. You may select this during registration.

We are promoting the Bring Your Own Bottle (BYOB) initiative as part of our effort to reduce wastage of cups used for hydration. You may support this initiative through one or both of the following ways: * Bring 1 bottle, cup or container of your own; And/Or Using/Carrying your own hydration bag/bottle & refilling it at the water station.

Relay Format
1. There will be 3 members in each team.

2. Each member will run 2 laps of 3km per lap, but not consecutively. Each team will clock a total of 6 laps, accumulating a distance of 18km.

3. Bananas will used as a baton, to be carried throughout the relay by the team member who is running. The 1st runner for each team will collect 1 Banana just before the race commences. The banana baton(s) must be handed over to the next member within the Handover Zone before commencing the next lap. The Handover Zone will be marked by Red Tape on the floor.

4. One Banana baton shall be carried during the 1st to the 3rd lap. For the 4th to the 6th lap, the team has to carry an additional Banana baton on top of the 1st Banana baton. The first member to start the 4th lap for his/her team must be ready with the 2nd Banana baton (available at the handover point) prior to the commencement of the 4th lap.

5. The Banana batons can be carried in any manner but it must be with the member at all times during the run, failing which, the team will be disqualified due to the Banana MIA(missing in action). Officials will be situated along the route to be on the lookout for the presence/absence of Banana batons.

Formation of Teams
1. Each team will have 3 members, formed based on a lucky draw format.

2. There will not be any self-arranged teams. This arrangement is part of Banana Relay's aim of promoting friendship & bonding with others whom we may not know.

3. The list of team members will most likely be announced on 10 June 2012, 1 week prior to the event. 

4. Should any member of the team be unable to take part on event day, the organiser reserves the right to merge/split teams to allow every registered & paid participant to be a part of the Banana Relay. There may also be circumstances where members have to run additional laps if they have a lack of team members.

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