Friday, 18 May 2012

The North Face 100 Singapore 2012

Event Date : 13 October 2012
Registration can be done online from 18th May at
Early bird promotion ends 31 July 2012
Important Notice:
Please note that the all categories of the race are open to the public this year. All categories will be individual categories and not team events. Even though there is no pre-qualification criteria to participate, runners are advised that the course is challenging and they will need to factor in sufficient training time and mileage before signing up for the race.

This is a minimum support self-sustaining race. Water refuel stations will only be available every 7-10kms. Runners must run with their own hydration and energy refuel.

The race route will be marked with distance and directional signages. This will be complemented with a race map that all participants must be familiar with. The route will be published on-line 2-3 weeks prior to event day.

There are limited number of spaces available per category. As this is an international series, a reserved number of slots will be allocated to overseas participants. It is advisable to sign-up early.

Race Route: The exact route will be kept confidential until a few weeks prior to the race. The route will be a mixture of trail, road, gravel, clay, stone tracks that will pass by Mandai, Woodlands and Bukit Timah. Please note that this year's route will vary from that of previous years. Participants are advised to study the race course map and follow directional signages.

Proposed Race Timing (These are indicative timings and will be adjusted pending approvals from the various stakeholders)
  • 100km – Start 10pm Fri, cut-off 20hrs (6pm Sat)
  • 50km – Start 7am Sat, cut-off 9hrs (4pm Sat)
  • 25km – Start 7.30am Sat, cut-off 4.5hrs (12pm Sat)
  • 15km – Start 4pm Sat, cut-off 2.5hrs (6.30pm Sat) 

  • Compulsory Race Equipment
    • Race Bib
    • Hydration with minimum 1.5L capacity for 100km & 50km athletes; 1L capacity for 25km, 500ml for 15km. This can be in the form of a hydration bag, fuel belt or bottles. Note : Re-fuelling stations for water will be available every 7-10km. Athletes are to be self-sufficient. Kindly note that there will be a check at the the start, the finishing and intermittently throughout the race that participants are carrying hydration. Runners without the necessary hydration will be disqualified. This is to ensure the safety and proper hydration of all runners
    • Night Head-light & 1 extra set of batteries (for 100km runners)
    • Note : Part of the race will take place in the dark and the race route will only be lit with reflective sticks.
    • Food, Fuel bars or gels Note : Food may be provided at selected check-points. Athletes should however not rely on this for race fuel.
    • Mobile Phone and Emergency contact sheet
    • Race Course Map
    • Small medical kit for blisters and abrasions (for 100km & 50km runners)
    Items in Red will be provided in the Race Kit

    • The North Face 100® Dri-Fit Running TeeFinisher's Medal – only runners that finish the race within the cut-off times will be entitled to a Finisher's medal.
    • The North Face 100® Dri-Fit Running Tee

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